Practical API Strategy

Tools and Techniques

Chris Stevens / @stevenscg

DFW API Professionals Meetup

July 11, 2013

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Chris Stevens

Engineering and Operations @Traxo

Engineer / Developer / Consultant

Pilot / Texas A&M Class of 1998

Travel Industry

Large, Entrenched, Traditional Suppliers

Disruptive Newcomers


Big Problems

Fewer Travel Agents

More Travel Websites

Massive fragmentation

DIY Travelers (38%)

Manually organizing travel details

Multiple travel sites

Stale information with limited portability

Itinerary Management

Adding value for the Traveler

Comprehensive travel aggregator

Deep travel industry experience

5-yr Dallas "Startup"

"The for travel"

190 Travel Sources

Few Supplier-Side APIs

Consumer Channels

  • Website (2008)
  • Mobile Website (2010)
  • Calendar Feeds (2010)
  • Embeddable Widgets (2010)
  • iOS/Android Mobile Apps (2013)

Traxo API

An evolution

2011 - Proof of Concept

A true "MVP"

A single CakePHP controller

Attached to existing web application

Documentation on Google Sites

Manual api_key distribution

Not fun to work on

Good enough

2012 - "Sales Tool"

Light Development. Maintenance

Added Versioning (Twice)

Structured Travel Intent Data

Commercial Interest Growing

Partnership Discussions


Today - Product

Dedicated codebase

Shared Middleware Libraries

Self-service developer portal

OAuth2. 3Scale

Tuned for API serving

New Opportunities

Commercialization. Monetization. Growth

Mobile apps. Mashups


"With the Traxo solution integrated with SAP Cloud for Travel, we expect our customers will have access to integrated travel itinerary and booking data in new ways – via a single channel," said Joe Fuster, senior vice president, Cloud, Customer and Money Line-of-Business Solutions, SAP.
Source: PRNewswire - June 20, 2013

Third-Party Integrations

General Motors In-Vehicle APIs

API Strategy

A lot like flying...

Start With a Takeoff

V1: Accelerating. Still time to stop

V1+: People are depending on you

Image Source:

All About The Journey Landing

Nobody Remembers the Takeoff

Image Credit: AOPA - Understanding V1

Planning is Important

But just get started

DFW to Denver for Gluecon 2013

Many Routes

Pick one that supports your business

DFW to Denver for Gluecon 2013


High-Touch. Especially Enterprise Customers

API Devs Recommended

Image Credit: WikiMedia - CV-22 Osprey

Measure Everything

In-House. Outsource. Use What Works

Just Do It. From The Beginning

Image Credit: Etsy - Measure Anything. Measure Everything

Lessons Learned

From 5 years of bootstrapping

In the travel industry


  • In-house
    • Pick the right server solution (Nginx)
    • Caching tier (Memcached, Couchbase, Varnish)
  • Really great PaaS options:
    • Parse, OpenShift, Heroku, Appcelerator Cloud
  • Dedicated host/infrastructure
    • From the beginning
    • Isolate and optimize


Use what works for you

  • What are you using already?
  • Node.js
  • API micro-frameworks (Slim for PHP)


  • Organization
    • Single controller fine for proof of concept
    • Dedicated codebase recommended
  • Shared Components
    • Middleware: Model definitions, etc
    • Restrict and package fields from the ORM
  • Date/Times
    • Use ISO8601. Always. Everywhere.
  • Testing


Twice. So Far.

  • Initially, used a vendor media type via header
  • Now, via url ({endpoint})
    • Harder for devs to overlook
    • Works great with CakePHP prefix routing
  • Version Policy
    • Free to add response fields while retaining backwards compatibility
    • "Experimental" fields - marked with leading underscore
    • "Flex" Version concept: FlightStats API
  • End-of-life notice
    • Minimum of 6 months

OAuth 2

Protect your user's credentials

  • Know the Spec: RFC6749
  • We are Draft 20 plus
    • Redirect URI enforcement
    • State Parameter enforcement
  • Use a library
  • Don't deviate from the Spec
    • Some of the biggest implementations are non-conforming
    • Decide what is best for your business. Hold your ground.
  • Increased speed for partner on-boarding

Measure Everything

Measure Anything

"If it moves, we track it. Sometimes we’ll draw a graph of something that isn’t moving yet, just in case it decides to make a run for it."
- Engineering at Etsy Measure Anything. Measure Everything

Open Source Tooling

Measure Anything. For "Free"

Examples: Dashing

Large-Format Information Radiators

Image Source: / Live Demo

Examples: Descartes

Large-Format. Desktop / Collaboration

Image Source: Descartes on Github

Examples: Tasseo

Large-Format. Desktop / Collaboration

Image Source: Tasseo on Github

Examples: Graphiti

Desktop Viewing. Collaboration

Image Source: Paperless Post

Metrics as a Service

Measure Anything. Not Quite "Free"

  • Providers
    • New Relic
    • HostedGraphite
  • Great way to get started
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Excellent interfaces (typically)


Flexible API Management


  • Out-of-band Solution
  • Generous Free Tier
  • Developer Portal
  • Authorization and Rate-Limiting
  • Strong Open-Source Support
  • Integration SDKs
  • API Plans / Tiers
  • Billing System
  • Metrics
    • For the developer
    • For the provider

Developer Relations

  • Developer Portal / On-boarding
  • Swagger Active Docs
  • Client code (SDK) for your API
  • Client Management
    • Enable/Disable per application (clientId)
    • Set quotas and alerts
  • Metrics
    • Simple hit tracking
    • Per-endpoint or as desired

SDK Integration

Proxy Support


  • Best-in-class web server + 3Scale module
  • Authorization, tracking, and rate-limiting
  • Reduces calls to 3Scale API
  • Reduces calls to your backend
  • OAuth Support now in Beta!

Wrap Up

"Developers are the new Kingmakers"
- Gluecon 2013 - Steven O'Grady - Redmonk
"Everything is an auto-scaling group"
- Gluecon 2013 - Everybody @Netflix
"When clouds fight, we all win"
- Gluecon 2013 - Adrian Cockcroft @adrianco / @Netflix


The pilot has turned off the seatbelt sign

Twitter: @stevenscg

Github: @stevenscg