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5 Quick Takes for September

So many interesting things, so little time.

It was HOT!  Damn Hot!

Finfrock on NBC5 is predicting 104+ tomorrow and that should cement this as the hottest damn year ever.  Well, actually, we’ll surpass 1980 as the year with the most 100-degree days on record.  Good riddance.

9/11: Ten Years Later

Lots of great services, special programs, and remembering this week.  I went to the airport and went flying.  It’s hard to believe how great we have it here on so many levels.

The End of an Era: Atlantis / STS-135

I had plans to put a whole post together about this one, but didn’t get time to write it.  The shuttle program is over and few viable options exist for human spaceflight at this time.  Fortunately, I took my family to see a launch in 2010 and we loved every minute of it.  I sat both girls down in front of NASA TV for the 2011 launches and I think, I hope, that Claire will remember them.  I hope we’ll be watching the commercial space providers succeed in the coming years.

Aggie Football 2011

The season is here.  We love it!  We might be in the SEC soon.  Our football compound has a TV mounted next to the pool.  We are hopefully done driving now that cooler weather is here and Charlotte is old enough to tolerate the flight.

A New Look Around Here

Yes, I have been experimenting with some new professional themes lately.  When you’re not building for yourself, it’s a bit like buying a house.  You have to look for a good floor plan and maybe just repaint when you move in.