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Five Reasons Why Your Traxo Travel Score Matters

Even if you’re not a Double Black Diamond Executive Platinum High-Fivin’ the TSA kind of traveler, you probably take several trips each year for business and leisure.  You do take vacations right?  I hope you do.

If you are a Traxo member, you can turn those trips into some cool stuff and it is launching today as the “Traxo Travel Score”.  I usually leave the PR to the company, but I think this feature is particularly cool and can provide some great value to all kinds of travelers.

Similar to how Klout measures your online influence, Traxo can use all of your previous trip data to calculate your travel score.  Your score is a measure of your overall travel experience.

5 Reasons Why Your Traxo Travel Score Matters

  1. Better travel recommendations.  Ask your Traxo Buddies with the highest scores or another high-scoring member.

  2. Build your travel reputation.  If you write about travel, we hope your score will be one of your best credentials.

  3. Earn perks.  Watch for great rewards from our partners.

  4. Get better service.  Travel vendors are excited to recognize expert travelers.

  5. Compete with your friends.  Who doesn’t like a good competition.

When I was first introduced to Klout, I had a hard time identifying the real-world value proposition.  In their defense, they were pretty new at the time and may have been a bit stealthy in their positioning.  The real-world value definitely there, though.  If you are influential online and speak out about a product or service either postively or negatively, online or in-person, an astute business owner can see a measure of your influence and has incentive to give you better service.  Well, in theory, at least.

Your travel score will work the same way.  As you visit states and countries, spend nights away from home, and cover more miles, our system will find those trips and give you credit for those.  As, your score (your travel reputation) goes up, we hope you’ll receive benefits from our partners and travel suppliers based on how, when, and where you travel.  Also, if you link your favorite travel accounts (airlines, hotels, car companies), we will give you more points because those bookings can be verified through our platform!

Finally, if you’re thinking that you don’t travel enough or always drive yourself, never fear!  It just so happens that my family fits nicely into that category as well, except that we avoid commercial airlines and fly ourselves.  Be sure to link your travel accounts because Traxo will always be looking at those for new activity.  But did you know that you can check-in with Gowalla on your smartphone during your trip and we count those check-ins as verified travel just like an airline or hotel booking.  More on that in a later post.