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Use Trello

I’ve used project and task management tools of many different flavors and religions over the years. PHBs (that’s a Dilbert reference for you youngsters) love Gantt charts. DoD loved their EVMS tools in the 90s. Agile, scrum, and kanban are all the rage right now and provide alot of great benefits when used along with the appropriate dose of pragmatism.

“Organize Anything, together” is the slogan over at and I must say that I am hooked on it.

Database Players to Watch

There are some impressive new database technologies making the rounds in the tech blogs and conference circuit. These products and projects become frequent topics of discussion among my group of colleagues and I thought I would highlight a few of them just to stir the pot a bit.

Practical API Strategy, Tools, and Techniques

I will be presenting at the DFW API Professionals Meetup on July 11, 2013 in Irving, Texas.

This talk covers practical API strategy, tools, and techniques used by Traxo during 5 years of bootstrapping in the travel industry. With few open APIs in the travel industry, the Traxo API provided an exciting avenue for commercialization and growth even at the proof of concept stage. We will cover technical aspects of productizing an API, working with enterprise customers, and how utilizing partners like 3Scale can minimize time to market.


Still Here

Here we are half-way through 2013. It’s been an incredibly busy couple of quarters and I need to work my way through 6 months of back post ideas to get caught up.

I found that Octopress was just a bit easier to use than standard Jekyll and Jekyll Bootstrap. It took a while, but I finally found a tiny speck of time to upgrade and port over the few old posts that I had. Looking forward to easier and more frequent posts now.

New Ride: 2013 Motobecane Vent Noir

I’ve been loathing my cardio workout options for years all while finding out that more and more folks around me that love cycling.

Flower Mound, as it turns out, is also a very nice place for road cycling. Compared to Dallas and surrounding city-locked suburbs, we can be out in the coutry air in just a few minutes by bike.

I decided to start shopping in earnest in September. After several months or research and visiting bike shops, and with help from several experienced cyclist buddies, I decided on a 54cm 2013 Motobecane Vent Noir:

It weighed in at 21.8 lbs (as delivered, post assembly).

I’ll follow up with specs and gear in a later post. The weather is here!